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The language of classical music

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What benefits can classics give us nowadays? How can these puzzling sonatas, quartets and symphonies literally fill us with a wide range of strong emotions? How can we decode the unknown language of different composers to enjoy those exciting games that they prepared especially for us within their pieces? This is something we are going to discover together.

This webinar is meant for all people, who want to know more about academic music and eager to get more pleasure and deeper understanding of music during concerts or home-based listening. No music education is required! Only your curiosity is needed as well as the readiness to actively explore music samples during the session and share your observations and impressions. The webinar will also give information about the upcoming course for those people who want to deepen into this subject and develop practical skills of joyful and proactive listening of classical music.

Asja Zakhareva

Asja Zakhareva is an analyst, teaches of music theory and lecturer. She came originally from Saint-Petersburg (Russia) where she got her University degrees, including Master degree in Music critics. At this moment she has been living and studying Music theory in Netherlands for 1.5 years. Her main goal is to open the world of academic music for the broad audience and help people use the power of classics for better state of their emotions and mind.

Since 2015 Asja held more than 20 interactive sessions on multiple topics of music history and theory. Besides that, in 2020 she held 5 webinars on how classics can help people to increase their emotional awareness (in collaboration with a psychologist). She strongly believes that the cultural and therapeutic power of classical music for modern society is still something to discover.

Practical information

You can buy tickets on the website from the Library of Eindhoven. If you buy a ticket for the livestream, you will receive the link a few hours before the start.